We at Northwinds strive to be recognized by the manufacturers we represent and the electrical industry we serve as the most professional, dependable and knowledgeable sales organization.
AFCI Receptacles
Outlet Branch Circuit (OBC) Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) Receptacles protect ...
Dry-Type Industrial Transformers
Distribution transformers are so named because they distribute low voltage ...
We are dedicated to fulfilling all the supply needs of the electrical distributor, specifying, contractor and oem partners with the industries finest manufacturers.
Blackhawk Automotive Museum is anticipating energy savings of nearly 77% in lighting energy usage and a reduced electricity bill of $25,965 each year.
In the constantly changing electrical industry Knowledge is key. Focused on solutions based selling the Northwinds team provides advanced training tools for our end-users.
120V AC/DC Photo Smoke / Strobe for Hearing Impaired

New Product Launch
Heavy-Duty Forged Steel Wire Strippers

Durable wiring cutting, stripping and twisting plus bolt shearing in one tool. The forged design delivers a professional level tool you expect from Klein.

RAY6 Bollard

- Glare free illumination with an adjustable head and a beam configuration ranging from 180 to 360 degrees
- Environmentally friendly and energy efficient
- Architecturally pleasing, durable design and construction for long fixture life