Amidyne Solutions Inc. has worked closely with OPG to develop a second generation racking tool. The Xtend-A-Rack has all the features of the original patented product but has been adapted to work on any breaker.

There is no need to stand in the arc blast boundary while racking any more.

Using the Xtend-A-Rack is simple:

  • Verify that the Xtend-A-Rack can be extended beyond the calculated arc flash boundary distance stated on the breaker Shock and Arc Flash warning label if available.
  • Attach the correct coupling onto the breaker racking screw.
  • Attach the 90˚ drive on the Xtend-A-Rack to the coupling.
  • Extend the shaft to the length necessary to be beyond the arc flash boundary, as determined in your documented Shock and Arc Flash Risk Assessment procedures.
  •  Attach the ratchet onto the other end.
  • Once you have confirmed that you and all others are beyond the arc flash boundary, turn the ratchet in a smooth, continuous manner to rack the breaker.