Lotus LED Lights is a manufacturer and distributor of LED Lighting based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Specializing in Slim Recessed LED Lighting fixtures, Lotus LED Lights strives to provide excellent customer service while staying ahead of the competition by designing new innovative products.

Lotus LED Lights is the original manufacturer that introduced the 1/2″ thin LED panels with external driver in junction box to North America in 2010.
Our gimbal design of an air-tight fixture that does not require housing is a simple and versatile option patented in the USA and Canada.

Lotus LED Lights are distributed through the major electrical wholesalers in USA and Canada and though selected online resellers.
We do not sell direct to electrical contractors and homeowners and we do not sell online.

Shipping is done from the following warehouses:
Hainesport NJ, Naples FL, Dallas TX & Vancouver WA

Delta BC & Mississauga ON

For All Inquiries, contact


Phone: (905) 455-1350 (Ext. 201)

Toll Free: 1 (888) 364-9121 (Ext. 201)

Email: sjenkins@northwinds.ca