Universal Douglas Lighting Americas, Inc. (UDLA) manufactures and commercializes scalable lighting solutions. A combined entity of Universal Lighting Technologies and Douglas Lighting Controls, UDLA enables customers with LED products for upgrades, retrofits, connected lighting centralized/decentralized digital lighting control systems and IoT digital services integration with easy-to-install and use components.

Our approach to quality lighting systems ensures you have a comprehensive end-to-end vertical commercial-grade LED lighting solution. From initial design, engineer testing, to North American manufacturing, local installation, and support — we are your complete commercial lighting go-to source. We make it easy to upgrade to LED technology and enable your future.

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Phone: (905) 455-1350 (Ext. 231)

Toll Free: 1 (888) 364-9121 (Ext. 231)

Email: bsalvador@northwinds.ca